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CHD Expert Assesses the 2014 US Healthcare Foodservice Industry Market Landscape

3 Feb

Due to Obamacare the healthcare industry in 2014 is changing dramatically, and CHD Expert evaluates the status of the foodservice industry within our nations hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Many of the Obamacare reforms officially kicked in on January 1, 2014, which means changes for the healthcare industry.

For companies trying to capitalize on the increased spending by hospitals looking to upgrade their foodservice facilities and services, CHD Expert provides an overview of the current foodservice healthcare market landscape, highlighting opportunities for businesses that cater to the healthcare industry.

A growing number of hospitals across the United States have begun to invest more in their foodservice operations in order to create a friendly, hotel-like experience, complete with room service, cafeterias, gardens, and local produce. Foodservice helps the overall feel of a hospital, and with Obamacare in action, more health care facilities will look to improve their overall experience as it could assist in receiving funds.

According to CHD Expert’s data, there are over 54,000 healthcare facilities in the United States. This includes hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, assisted or senior living centers, and other healthcare establishments. In addition to examining market size, CHD Expert’s data provides details around facility locations, and determines that healthcare facilities fall primarily within major cities and larger metropolitan areas.

CHD Experts data breaks down public and privately owned facilities and indicates that public institutions dominate the current healthcare industry. Approximately 86 percent of healthcare facilities are publicly operated. Comparatively, about 13 percent of the market is categorized as private institutions.

Of over 3,700 US hospitals, only 38 percent have self-operated foodservice operations. The majority of hospitals are managed by Foodservice Management Companies, the “big three” consisting of Sodexo, Aramark and Compass. Sodexo holds a majority of the market share with 27 percent of the Hospital market and 44 percent of the total managed hospitals.

Over 75 percent of hospitals also participate with a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) to receive product discounts on food purchases. The GPOs with the highest market share of hospital participation are Premier, VHA and HPG. Of all of these participating hospitals, 46 percent have 100-500 beds. On the opposite side, over 30 percent have only 1-50 beds representing the smaller hospital market.

CHD Expert also reports that approximately 44.1 percent of all healthcare providers have between 100 to 500 beds. In terms of hospital size based on the number of beds, New York, California, and Pennsylvania all have at least one healthcare facility with more than 1,000 beds. The data also reveals that 40.3 percent of the healthcare facilities serve between 51 to 100 meals on a daily basis. On a larger scale, the total number of patients going through all US hospitals on an average day totals over 643,000.

Other filters CHD Expert have available to dissect the data include: Number of Meals Served Per Day and Number of Employees. There are also contacts available for each Hospital to include titles of, Purchasing, Foodservice Director and Chefs where available.

“Obamacare is influencing how a lot of businesses are structured, and this is certainly the case in the healthcare industry,” stated Catherine Kearns, General Manager for CHD Expert North America. “The US has some of the world’s most modern hospitals but since many Americans struggle with obesity, hospitals are reevaluating how they feed hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This is highly coveted information for foodservice providers who cater their products or services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. By understanding the numbers behind hospitals and healthcare facilities, providers can better focus their sales efforts and position themselves to acquire purchase orders from these healthcare facilities. Changes in healthcare are happening, and if your organization does business with healthcare facilities, this information could be critical to helping you land new accounts.”

To obtain more information about CHD Expert’s findings, or with general questions about education foodservice data, please contact Catherine Kearns – cathy(at)chd-expert(dot)com

About CHD North America

CHD Expert is the global leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market. For more than 10 years CHD Expert has been dedicated to supporting Foodservice channel members in providing a global vision and an in-depth understanding of the industry (in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific).

Our objective is to support food service providers in their sales and marketing strategies by providing the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice census, housing operator intelligence for more than 5 million operators worldwide. For additional information, please visit http://www.chd-expert.com or call 1-888-CHD-0154.


CHD Expert Releases New Product, Restaurant Chain Locator, Enabling Key Decision Makers To Visualize The Foodservice Market Landscape At The Click Of A Button

21 Nov

CHD Expert, debuts their newest foodservice marketing intelligence tool, Restaurant Chain Locator, helping food service businesses find, track, and footprint chain restaurants across the United States.

Chicago-based foodservice database, marketing, and analytics firm, CHD Expert unveils its latest innovation in foodservice data, The Restaurant Chain Locator. The new Restaurant Chain Locator tool is part of CHD Expert’s interactive online database platform that provides restaurant chains and foodservice providers with new ways to evaluate the foodservice market landscape. This tool identifies the chain operator landscape and density, and can postulate the data onto specific geographic maps, provide aggregated counts, graphs and other business intelligence around the chain and independent operators. The Restaurant Chain Locator has the ability to overlay current U.S. Census bureau information to further evaluate decisions in comparison with other geo-specific key indicators.

According to the latest figures from CHD Expert’s foodservice database, there are over 227,000 total chain restaurants located in the United States. These 227,000 chain restaurants consist of more than 1,900 unique restaurant brands. Subway leads the way with over 25,000 locations across the United States. McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Burger King round out the top 5 most prevalent U.S. restaurant chains. Chain restaurants are defined as restaurants with more than nine units in operation throughout the US. See Figure 1 for the chain restaurant density heat map by zip code.

Data indicates that chains are more heavily located in major cities, with some zip codes containing more than 55+ different chain restaurants. On the contrary, there are zip codes that contain two chain restaurants or less. Some restaurant chains and foodservice providers might see low density areas as a growth opportunity, while others may want to focus on the more heavily populated zip codes. This depends on the businesses’ strategy.

Executives who are looking to expand or consolidate their restaurants’ locations can use Restaurant Chain Locator to evaluate the market landscape and make strategic decisions. This tool allows restaurant chains to visualize their locations and the footprint of operators around each of their units for competitive intelligence as well as new location placement strategy.

Restaurant Chain Locator features include the ability to: locate competitor establishments, visualize density of independents and chains locations within a given market or segment, view census demographics, and map out the results of their selection. With all the intelligence available in the database, a restaurant chain can now view footprints by segment, menu type, annual sales, #employees and average check, giving them more intelligence around their competitors in any given market.

“The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic and volatile industries to be involved in,” stated Catherine Kearns General Manager of CHD Expert North America. “Restaurants open and close on a regular basis and when considering expansion it is vital to understand the current market landscape and evaluate from a macro perspective. The insight provided by this tool is a game changer for foodservice professionals who are looking to better understand their competitive landscape.”

To get a free demonstration of Restaurant Chain Locator please contact bbloom(at)chd-expert(dot)com.

CHD Expert is the worldwide leader in collecting, managing, and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market. For more than 10 years, CHD Expert has been dedicated to support Foodservice channel members in providing a global vision and an in-depth understanding of the industry (in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific).

Our objective is to support our clients in their sales and marketing strategies by providing the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice census housing market information for more than 4 million operators worldwide. For more information or learn about all of our products available, please visit CHD-Expert.com.

A Foodservice Hotel Database

21 Mar

Are you a foodservice equipment manufacturer or distributor looking to reach the hospitality industry? Well you’ve found your solution. We are a foodservice data provider that helps foodservice industry professionals gain insight into the hospitality industry by providing data that can help foodservice businesses grow their sales.

CHD Expert is a global leader in foodservice data because we meticulously collect, segment, manage, and analyze data for the foodservice industry. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and during that time, we’ve developed strategic relationships through out the global foodservice industry that enables us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and up to date foodservice data in the industry. Our database houses over 4 million operator contacts worldwide. Specifically regarding the hospitality industry, we have over 65,000 operators, not including our extensive Travel and Leisure or Bars and Taverns data.

Let’s talk about a practical example of how one might use this type of data in the hospitality industry. Let’s say that you sell fancy napkins. You are launching a new line of products in the New Year and you want to send out a direct mailer to key decision makers of five start hotels about the launch of your new product, and how it will help improve the hotel restaurant’s ambiance.

The first thing you’ll need to execute this type of strategy is a list of hotel contacts. Here at CHD Expert, we offer two different ways of getting a customized marketing list. You can either purchase a one-time list of contacts, or, you can subscribe to our web-based query tool and have instant access to pull the data around your selected criteria. The benefit of the annual subscription is one of our unique selling propositions – our data is fresh and up to date with the latest details about the establishment and it’s respective contact. Because of all of the turn over in the industry, keeping track of the operators is very cumbersome, but not to worry as that is what we do!

To learn more about our hospitality database or hotel data, please give us a call or send us an email with your questions. You can email, Catherine Kerns at cathy@chd-expert.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Food Genius Partners with CHD Expert To Better Understand Restaurant Trends

12 Sep

We are really excited to announce a new partnership with Food Genius. Here is the news about our new partnership with Food Genius and information about their newsworthy achievements.

Food Genius, which provides data-based restaurant insights to the food industry, has raised $1.2 million in venture capital. Chicago’s Hyde Park Venture Partners and Hyde Park Angels led the round; other investors include New World Ventures, IDEO, Amicus Capital, and the I2A Fund.
“With this funding, Food Genius is expanding the team in order to bring Food Genius Reports to market,” says founder & CEO Justin Massa. “Food Genius Reports is a leap forward for the food industry, providing intuitive and deep access to restaurant trends as they develop new products and craft marketing strategies.”

“Food Genius is direct evidence that Chicago has truly become a place where ideas evolve into viable businesses, creating jobs and economic growth in the City,” said Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Entities like 1871 and Excelerate Labs play crucial roles in the development of these young companies, and I am pleased to see an environment developing that supports entrepreneurship and business expansion. I look forward to many more small businesses developing out of these facilities and programs and fueling Chicago’s economy in the coming years.”

“The food and restaurant industry is ripe for data disruption, and Food Genius offers astounding insights in this market where the consumers’ voice has been opaque,” says Guy Turner, managing director at Hyde Park Venture Partners. “We are excited to see them grow.”

The company is also announcing that Owen Shapiro of Leo J Shapiro & Associates and Hyde Park Angels as well as Brian Distelburger of Yext have joined Food Genius’ board of directors. Shapiro notes, “Food Genius brings a powerful combination of talent and tools to address the pressing need for better real time information on food sold through restaurants. Starting with a firm grasp of ‘big data’ techniques and building with a unique set of data sources and tools, Food Genius is quickly positioning itself to be a primary source for insights that can drive innovation and profitability for foodservice and CPG companies that depend on restaurants directly for sales and insights into emerging trends.” According to Distelburger, “As the breadth, depth, and quality of local business data grows, there is an enormous opportunity to build new business intelligence services on top – Food Genius is leading this charge in the food vertical.”

Data Partnerships
In separate, key developments for the company, Food Genius is announcing data partnerships with CHD Expert and GrubHub.

A core element of Food Genius’ approach is to acquire, normalize, and extend massive amounts of menu item-level restaurant data. Food Genius is partnering with GrubHub, which will be the primary source of menu data. “GrubHub has the most comprehensive and highest quality database of restaurant menus,” says Massa. “We’re incredibly excited to work with not only the best data set around but also a company that regularly brings us lunch and dinner.”

Food Genius is also partnering with CHD Expert, a leading provider of data for foodservice sales and marketing strategies, to pair deep menu-level data points with detailed operator information. This new level of detail will provide foodservice sales teams with unparalleled insight into how specific locations use ingredients and preparation techniques. To see this Press Release on our website, click here.

About Food Genius
Food Genius is big data for the food industry. By tracking more than 16.3 million restaurant menu items and how consumers interact with them, Food Genius leverages the social web to generate high quality and incredibly granular data for an array of commercial and consumer uses. They provide manufacturers, distributors, operators, and CPG brands with actionable data on consumer behavior and restaurant trends. Their signature product Food Genius Reports, a robust restaurant trends dashboard for the food industry, will launch in early winter 2013.

Food Genius is a graduate of Excelerate Labs (class of ‘11), was the first-ever Startup-in-Residence at IDEO’s Chicago studio, and was the first graduate of 1871. For more information, visit http://www.getfoodgenius.com

About Hyde Park Angels
Hyde Park Angels (HPA) is an organization that provides a forum for entrepreneurial-minded members to invest in seed and early stage businesses, primarily located in the Midwest. HPA is a group of current and former executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who are interested in investing their time and money into outstanding startups. HPA also provides domain expertise, strategic advice and coaching to its companies. The Chicago-based Hyde Park Angel Network was founded in 2006 by a group of classmates from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive MBA Program. For more information, visit http://www.hydeparkangels.com/

About Hyde Park Venture Partners
Hyde Park Venture Partners (HPVP) is a venture capital fund investing in early stage technology companies in the Midwest, with particular focus in Chicago. HPVP invests in technology-enabled business and consumer services and healthcare IT companies raising their first or second round of institutional capital. HPVP draws on its strategic relationship with Hyde Park Angels (HPA) to provide industry and business expertise to its portfolio companies through a network of more than 90 seasoned business executives, entrepreneurs and service professionals. HPVP’s principals and the HPA network take an active role in mentoring and guiding portfolio companies in product development, business strategy, financing and exit through both formal director roles and informal mentorship relationships.
For more information, visit http://www.hydeparkvp.com/

Helping Foodservice Providers who focus on the education industry

17 Jul

This month has been full of great tradeshows and conferences all centered around foodservice in the education industry. Today, we wanted to write a short post talking about how CHD Expert has a solution framework for foodservice industry professionals (distributors, manufacturers, chain restaurants, etc.) to improve their sales and marketing efforts.

Given the ever changing landscape of the foodservice industry, providers are finding the process of using existing information sources for their targeted sales and marketing programs an increasingly difficult proposition. The good news for them however, is that this is our specialty. We collect, manage, update operator contact data for the foodservice industry. Our database is updated monthly with new openings and closings and it’s our job to keep on top of the constant turn over. This means, that foodservice companies can operate their business more efficiently because their marketing and sales efforts are getting to the right contacts. And, we have several different data segments, and one of them is specific to the education industry. We have over 141,000 operator contacts specific to the education industry. Click here to check them out.

Here is a practical example of how some of our clients use our services as it relates to helping foodservice providers in the education space. Let’s say that McDonald’s is looking to understand the current fast food landscape at colleges and universities on the east coast as they are looking to expand into more locations. Of course, they would want to make a strategic decision about where to open up another franchise, and we have the data that can help make that decision. With the help of CHD FIND (Foodservice Industry National Database) we can help businesses like McDonalds visualize foodservice venues on campus and contact foodservice directors. The benefit here is that our information is updated monthly which means that our contact information and landscapes are accurate.

If you think that you could benefit from having optimized data for your sales and marketing team, give us a call (1888 243 0154). We’d love to connect you with one of our experts who will walk you through a demo of our product offering. We’d also be happy to give you a 30-day free trial of Easy2Find. Sign up now to get started.

Free School Lunch Program: What is it and how to get in contact with these schools

13 Jul

With the School Nutrition Association 66th Annual National Conference just a few days away, we decided to do a blog post on the National School Free Lunch Program. This meal program operates in over 100,000 public and non-profit private schools, and residential child care institutions across the United States. This is a federally assisted program aimed at providing nutritional, balanced, affordably priced or free lunches to approximately 31,000,000 school children each day (2010). This program was expanded by Congress in 1998 to also account for reimbursement of snacks that are provided during afterschool enrichments programs.

For each meal that they serve, both school districts and independent schools who partake in the program, are eligible to receive cash subsidies and USDA foods from the US Department of Agriculture. They must also serve food and lunches that meet Federal requirements regarding dietary guidelines. For example it is recommended that no more than 30% of calorie intake come from fat and that less than 10% come from saturated fat. Additional regulations state that school lunches provide 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowance for: Iron, Calcium, Calories, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Protein.

However, while school lunches must abide by the Federal nutrition guidelines, the decision of who the school district will buy its food from is normally decided on the local level. Therefore it is important for foodservice providers to be well educated when selling their product to the local school districts and other schools.

If you are looking for more information about the National School Lunch Program, you should look at the USDA website. And if you are a foodservice provider looking to connect with the heads of the foodservice departments at your local school district, we should talk. We have the contact information for 13,000 School Districts, 13,000 Pre-Schools, 92,000 elementary schools, and a lot more. To access this information or get a better understanding about our database, give us a call and we’d be happy to share.

CHD Expert North America and AFS Technologies form strategic partnership

14 Jun

CHD Expert North America, LLC, the leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market, announces the strategic partnership with AFS Technologies. Combined with existing CHD Expert solutions, this partnership offers unparalleled visibility for foodservice manufacturers to all channels in CPG supply chain.

 This newly formed strategic partnership will allow AFS to provide an unparalleled solution to foodservice channel members, in both North America and Europe. “This strategic partnership, along with existing AFS solutions, will help our customers gain insight into sales patterns in the CPG supply chain”, commented Kurien Jacob, AFS CEO. “AFS is focused on connecting manufacturers, brokers, distributors, and operators to improve channel visibility for all related partners.”

This solution is focused specifically to help manufacturers address two major challenges within both finance and sales, including: identification of multi-dip payments and sales void opportunities.

“The combined solution collects and manages disparate data sources from manufacturers, distributors, and operators and combines this with the rich metric data from CHD Expert. Additionally, the combination of data and easy-to-use solution provides an incredibly rich and intelligent application, by which sales can begin to segment and target Operator opportunities,” said Cathy Kearns, CHD GM.

Manufacturer’s back office accounting will also benefit, as the solution will identify multi-dip payments, requested payments outside of deal window, and other related compliance issues. “Research and resolution of these issues typically takes dozens of man hours,” said Tim Vollman, head of partnerships at AFS. “And now users will have the visibility at their fingertips!”

Check out this press release on our website. Click here.

About CHD North America

CHD Expert is the worldwide leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market. For more than 10 years CHD Expert has been dedicated to support Foodservice channel members in providing a global vision and an in-depth understanding of the industry (in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific).

Our objective is to support food service providers in their sales and marketing strategies by providing the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice census, housing operator intelligence for more than 4 million operators worldwide. For additional information, please visit http://www.chd-expert.com or call1-888-CHD-0154.

About AFS Technologies Inc.

AFS Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of business enterprise and on-demand software solutions. The company serves over 1,500 customers across the Americas with a portfolio of solutions for the food, beverage, logistics and financial segments. AFS logistics solutions and AFS food and beverage solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase sales and margins, streamline internal processes, and assist in regulatory compliance. All AFS solutions utilize service-oriented architecture (SOA) built with Microsoft .NET framework technology. With a focus on modular design, the solutions allow customers in manufacturing, sales agencies, distribution, and complex software companies the flexibility to upgrade specific elements of the software without affecting the rest of the system. To match the needs of our diverse customer base, products are available on both a license and true SaaS model basis. For additional information, please visit http://www.afsi.com or call (602) 522-8282.

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