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Restaurant Industry Net Growth In CA, TX and NY, while The Fourth Most Populous State, FL Continues To Struggle

20 Feb
By Nicolas Watson

New data available from leading foodservice database and analytics company, CHD Expert reports for the first time in three years a net increase in restaurant openings throughout the United States. This trend is consistent in California, Texas and New York, which indicates that as the economy begins to recover more people are willing to dine out.

Chicago-based foodservice database, marketing, and analytics firm, CHD Expert announces the overall US restaurant industry is beginning to recover and grow, while sharing data that focuses on the four largest states in the restaurant industry and how each states’ data compare and contrast.

According to one of CHD Expert’s latest reports, 2012 Foodservice Operator Update: A Positive Change in a Challenging Economy, 2012 has yielded a 0.3 percent positive net change in the total number of U.S. restaurant establishments in operation, which is the first time net growth has occurred in the past three years. This release focuses on the four largest states by number of restaurants, which are California, Texas, New York and Florida, which account for 12.2 percent of the total national market.

Evaluating the four most populated states, Texas had the most growth, with a 3.1 percent positive net change in number of restaurants opening over the year. Texas also had the 4th largest overall net market growth in the nation behind Connecticut (4.0 percent), Nebraska (3.2 percent), and Nevada (3.1 percent). However due to the size of Texas, the second most populous state in the nation, net restaurant growth was greater in terms of total new establishment openings. Florida on the other hand, was the only state out of the top four with a net decline, shrinking its total number of restaurants by 0.9 percent.

CHD Expert’s report also finds that the Quick Casual restaurant market segment faired well in all four states, with a positive percent increase of over 3 percent in each of the four states. Quick Casual restaurants are defined as: limited-service restaurants with an average check between $7 and $10, where the food is innovative, suited to sophisticated tastes and is prepared to order with fresh (or perceived as fresh) ingredients, with a more upscale interior than a typical fast food establishment. Examples of Quick Casual Restaurant chains include Corner Bakery, Chipotle, and Panera Bread.

New York however saw their largest growth come from the Quick Service segment with a 5.4 percent over-all net growth in the category. Quick Service is defined as: limited-service restaurant with an average check under $7 and are typically traditional “fast-food” restaurants. Examples include McDonalds, Subway and Burger King.

The market segment that had the most decline overall during 2012 was Ice Cream Parlors and Frozen Deserts. Interestingly enough, the decline is not a result of seasonality, as the decline in overall number of establishments is steady through out the year. In this segment, California had a net decline of 5.7 percent, Texas declined 2.5 percent, New York declined 3.4 percent and Florida declined 6.9 percent.

CHD Expert also reported interesting trends among the top four states’ menu type growth. Texas and New York both had significant growth among the Mexican Menu Type, with a net growth at 10 percent and 5.7 percent respectively. Also staying true to its roots, New York grew significantly in the sandwich, soups, salads, deli, and hot dog menu type with a net year over year growth of 7.4 percent. One common trend among all four states was the overall growth of the American Traditional Menu Type. American Traditional can be defined as a broad based menu, highlighting traditional American fare, like Denny’s, IHop, Ruby Tuesday, and Cracker Barrel. Alternatively, Varied menu type had significant decline in all four states.

Although many American consumers remain budget-conscious when dining out, the restaurant industry as a whole has begun to show signs of recovery. Looking at the specific market segments, the data is showing similar results across the board.

For the first time in years we are seeing a positive net change in the number of new establishments who are opening their doors for the first time,” said Catherine Kearns, General Manager of CHD Expert. “States like California and New York have always played an important role in dictating trends in America, and it is welcome news to see that they are beginning to show signs of prosperity.

To access the 2012 Foodservice Operator Update: A Positive Change in a Challenging Economy in its entirety, please contact Nicolas Watson: nwatson@chd-expert.com


CHD Expert North America and AFS Technologies form strategic partnership

14 Jun

CHD Expert North America, LLC, the leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market, announces the strategic partnership with AFS Technologies. Combined with existing CHD Expert solutions, this partnership offers unparalleled visibility for foodservice manufacturers to all channels in CPG supply chain.

 This newly formed strategic partnership will allow AFS to provide an unparalleled solution to foodservice channel members, in both North America and Europe. “This strategic partnership, along with existing AFS solutions, will help our customers gain insight into sales patterns in the CPG supply chain”, commented Kurien Jacob, AFS CEO. “AFS is focused on connecting manufacturers, brokers, distributors, and operators to improve channel visibility for all related partners.”

This solution is focused specifically to help manufacturers address two major challenges within both finance and sales, including: identification of multi-dip payments and sales void opportunities.

“The combined solution collects and manages disparate data sources from manufacturers, distributors, and operators and combines this with the rich metric data from CHD Expert. Additionally, the combination of data and easy-to-use solution provides an incredibly rich and intelligent application, by which sales can begin to segment and target Operator opportunities,” said Cathy Kearns, CHD GM.

Manufacturer’s back office accounting will also benefit, as the solution will identify multi-dip payments, requested payments outside of deal window, and other related compliance issues. “Research and resolution of these issues typically takes dozens of man hours,” said Tim Vollman, head of partnerships at AFS. “And now users will have the visibility at their fingertips!”

Check out this press release on our website. Click here.

About CHD North America

CHD Expert is the worldwide leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data for the Away-from-Home Global Foodservice Market. For more than 10 years CHD Expert has been dedicated to support Foodservice channel members in providing a global vision and an in-depth understanding of the industry (in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific).

Our objective is to support food service providers in their sales and marketing strategies by providing the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice census, housing operator intelligence for more than 4 million operators worldwide. For additional information, please visit http://www.chd-expert.com or call1-888-CHD-0154.

About AFS Technologies Inc.

AFS Technologies Inc. is the leading provider of business enterprise and on-demand software solutions. The company serves over 1,500 customers across the Americas with a portfolio of solutions for the food, beverage, logistics and financial segments. AFS logistics solutions and AFS food and beverage solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase sales and margins, streamline internal processes, and assist in regulatory compliance. All AFS solutions utilize service-oriented architecture (SOA) built with Microsoft .NET framework technology. With a focus on modular design, the solutions allow customers in manufacturing, sales agencies, distribution, and complex software companies the flexibility to upgrade specific elements of the software without affecting the rest of the system. To match the needs of our diverse customer base, products are available on both a license and true SaaS model basis. For additional information, please visit http://www.afsi.com or call (602) 522-8282.

CHD Expert FIND: Foodservice Industry National Database

24 Jan

Are you in the foodservice industry? Are you looking for ways to identify and target your best potential clients? Well, CHD Expert can help! CHD Expert is the proud owner of the FIND Database, which stands for: Foodservice Industry National Database. The FIND Database is the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice databases, housing more than 4 million addresses in North America, Europe and Australasia.

One of the questions we get asked most often is how can foodservice data actually help businesses grow. The answer is this – With the help of accurate foodservice data, CHD Expert helps businesses increase their sales and marketing effectiveness – by arming the sales team with up-to-date operator contacts. At CHD Expert, our main goal is to connect business in the foodservice industry with their potential clients by filling in the data gap between the foodservice industry suppliers, manufacturers, etc. and foodservice operators.

We can do this because our FIND database has both commercial and non-commercial foodservice contacts, in addition to a retail and travel & leisure segments.  For each of these segments, our data provides you with details like:

  • Contact info
  • Annual sales data
  • Number of meals served per day
  • Number of employees
  • Average check
  • Years in business
  • Annual food and beverage purchases
  • Independent or chain unites
  • And a lot more

What makes us unique is that our lists are updated weekly with new businesses, openings and closing.  And, we guarantee 100% accuracy – which means that you only pay for valid addresses.

If you’d like a demo – let’s us know or click here. We’d be happy to take you through our dashboard and show you a specific example of how our data can help your business. Feel free to email us at bbloom@chd-expert.com  or give us a call at 312-768-6918.

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