The Power of Foodservice Marketing

17 Apr

Just like with any consumer or B2B product, effective marketing is crucial to achieve growth and sales. This statement is especially relevant in the foodservice industry, and in today’s blog post we will address how using accurate foodservice data can improve your sales & marketing efforts.

In order to improve your sales and marketing strategies, you need to first understand your target audience. Two initial questions you need to ask yourself when defining your target audience are: 1. Who are my marketing efforts targeting? 2. What is the most effective way of connecting with them?  Once you’ve clearly identified who you are going after to grow your sales, you then need to be able to accurately target them.

Our recommendation for targeting the right audience at the right time is to use high-quality and accurate foodservice data. The Foodservice Industry National Database (FIND) is the largest global foodservice database available to foodservice industry professionals. To access the FIND database users can use “Easy2FIND” a web-based query tool, that helps users navigate and filter through the million+ operator records.

By using Easy2FIND, users can set different criteria and access operator information specific to their needs.  For example, if you are looking for operator metrics like:  located in the South Western States, 5 years in business, and 1 million in annual sales, you can select those specifics and get those results. Additionally, Easy2FIND can also furnish contact info for the decision maker and help identify purchase potential. In addition, these reports detail what the particular operators expenditures are among the following categories: Dry, Fresh, Frozen, Protein, Beverages and Disposables, both in total dollars and total percentage of purchases.

Having access to this type of information can help businesses identify where their target audience exists and connect with those potential buyers. This is the power of smart foodservice marketing. To learn more about Easy2FIND, or to get a better understanding as to how foodservice marketing can help your business, click here.


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