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A Foodservice Hotel Database

21 Mar

Are you a foodservice equipment manufacturer or distributor looking to reach the hospitality industry? Well you’ve found your solution. We are a foodservice data provider that helps foodservice industry professionals gain insight into the hospitality industry by providing data that can help foodservice businesses grow their sales.

CHD Expert is a global leader in foodservice data because we meticulously collect, segment, manage, and analyze data for the foodservice industry. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and during that time, we’ve developed strategic relationships through out the global foodservice industry that enables us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and up to date foodservice data in the industry. Our database houses over 4 million operator contacts worldwide. Specifically regarding the hospitality industry, we have over 65,000 operators, not including our extensive Travel and Leisure or Bars and Taverns data.

Let’s talk about a practical example of how one might use this type of data in the hospitality industry. Let’s say that you sell fancy napkins. You are launching a new line of products in the New Year and you want to send out a direct mailer to key decision makers of five start hotels about the launch of your new product, and how it will help improve the hotel restaurant’s ambiance.

The first thing you’ll need to execute this type of strategy is a list of hotel contacts. Here at CHD Expert, we offer two different ways of getting a customized marketing list. You can either purchase a one-time list of contacts, or, you can subscribe to our web-based query tool and have instant access to pull the data around your selected criteria. The benefit of the annual subscription is one of our unique selling propositions – our data is fresh and up to date with the latest details about the establishment and it’s respective contact. Because of all of the turn over in the industry, keeping track of the operators is very cumbersome, but not to worry as that is what we do!

To learn more about our hospitality database or hotel data, please give us a call or send us an email with your questions. You can email, Catherine Kerns at We look forward to hearing from you!


The Pizza Industry in Las Vegas: Independent Pizza Restaurants Out Number Large Chains Two to One

14 Mar

Author: Nicolas Watson

In 2012, Nevada achieved the second highest growth in number of restaurants with a 3.2% increase across the U.S, compared to a 1.3% growth nationwide, and pizza and pasta restaurants in the US continue to grow in numbers, showing 4,409 closings and 5,830 openings in 2012. With the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Expo right around the corner, leading food service data provider CHD Expert share their findings that Pizza and Pasta restaurants in Las Vegas hold the second position in most popular menu type across the city.

Chicago-based foodservice database, marketing, and analytics firm, CHD Expert reports that the number of pizza, pasta and Italian restaurants have increased by 1.4% across the nation in 2012. Pizza has become an increasingly popular menu item making up 12.7% of the restaurant industry. The city of Las Vegas hosts 360 pizzerias and make up 12.9% of total number of restaurants in the city. Only ‘varied menu type’ has a larger presence in Las Vegas, with the Pizza & Pasta menu type leading other popular menu types such as Mexican, Burgers and Sandwiches. Only 2.8% of the pizzerias in Las Vegas are full service restaurants, which is lower than the national average of 3.7 percent, whereas limited service restaurants account for 97.2 percent of the Las Vegas pizza market.

The pizza landscape in Las Vegas is as diverse as the pizza pies themselves. 59.9% of pizzerias in Las Vegas are independently owned, with each pizza brand having less than 9 total units operating nationwide. Large pizzeria chains are restaurants with over 500 total units in operation nationwide, like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominos, making up to 28.6 percent of the total pizzerias in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has more independently owned pizzerias than the nation’s average of 54%.

While new pizzerias are opening regularly in Las Vegas, CHD Expert’s findings also indicate that many pizzerias are able to sustain business and maintain operations that last years beyond the initial grand opening. 51.5% of Las Vegas pizzerias in operation have been serving up their slices for over five years. Approximately 21 percent of Las Vegas pizzerias are still aiming to surpass the ever so important two years in business milestone.

The majority of the pizza restaurants carry an average check of only $7 to $10, which drives some lower revenues for these restaurants. 56% of the pizzeria units in Las Vegas bring in less than $500,000 in sales per year. Only one pizzeria in Las Vegas grossed over 2.5 million dollars in revenue in 2012. Even with slim revenues the pizza pie has become a staple in many Americans’ diets.

“Pizza has established itself as one of the top food choices among Americans looking to dine out or order in“ stated Brad Bloom, Director of Sales for CHD Expert North America. “With the 2013 Pizza Expo quickly approaching, we wanted to evaluate the pizza industry in the host city of Las Vegas and share our findings with all of the operators, distributors and vendors who will be in attendance. I am excited to be attending the show, and look forward to networking with other foodservice colleagues, hopefully over a slice of pepperoni.”

To obtain detailed information on any foodservice market or to schedule a time to meet during the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Expo please contact Brad Bloom at

Trade Show Round Up! CRFA and The International Restaurant And Food Service Show of New York

11 Mar

Author: Nicolas Watson

While we are only 11 days into the month of March, there have been a TON of trade shows which we’ve attended! Two of the major shows that we attended at the beginning of the month were the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Show in Toronto as well as the International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York City. Both shows had a lot of great things to offer the foodservice community and we were so glad to be there representing CHD Expert North America.

The International Restaurant & Food Service Show of New York  had a lot of great information to offer foodservice industry professionals, as we are constantly looking for new ideas on how to grow business. This show offered a stage full of insightful education to innovative new foods and drinks; new product options and idea generating special events. We met so many great people during the show and can’t wait to reconnect with everyone now that we’ve all had a chance to catch up from being at the show. Don’t you just love the feeling of walking into a show like this? We do!

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show New York

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show New York

The other show we attended last week was the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice show which is the largest foodservice show in Canada! As you know we’ve been releasing a lot of new data on the Canadian foodservice market landscape, which is one of the many reasons why it’s important to us to attend the show in Toronto. The CRFA Show attracts over 10,000 foodservice industry professionals and you get to be face to face with exhibitors showcasing all their latest products. From new and innovative trends in foodservice to the latest in energy efficient equipment, foodservice industry professionals come to the show to learn, explore and educate themselves on the latest in Canada’s foodservice industry. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone at our booth and on the trade show floor.

CRFA Show 2013

CRFA Show 2013

Next stop: The Pizza Expo in Las Vegas! Are you going? In preparation for the show we are releasing some great new data about the 2013 Pizza Industry. We hope to see you there!

The French Pizza Industry: The Shrinking Pizza

4 Mar

Author: Nicolas Watson

With the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Show just around the corner, we wanted to share some data from our office in France and their study on the French Pizza Industry.

According to a survey of 113 French Pizzerias conducted by CHD Expert in France, pizzas have shrunk in size. In their survey, CHD Expert found that an average pizza is now 31.3cm (12.322 inches)  as opposed to 32cm (12.59 inches) a year before. The consensus guesses that the economic crisis is to blame.

One of the most popular newspapers in France,  Le Figaro,  said the shrinkage represents a loss of 4.3% of surface area per pizza, assuming they are perfectly round.

This is partly balanced by the fact that bills have also slightly shrunk – by 3% on average, from €13.40 to €12.90 without drinks or in US dollars $17.44 to $16.79 without drinks. However the study did not clarify if this was because prices had dropped or people were choosing less expensive options or eating less.

The French eat more pizzas than any nationality apart from Americans – including the Italians. “Reine” and “quatre fromages” are the most popular kinds, followed by such typically-French options as Savoyarde, Merguez and Tartiflette.

The pizzeria study was done to get ready for the Paris pizza trade show Parizza in a few weeks. To see the original article posted on The Connexion, click here.

If you are looking for any counts about US Pizza Stats, please feel free to contact us at

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