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America’s Favorite Food And The Economics Behind The Hamburger

22 Jul

Author: Nico Watson

Memorial Day Weekend usually kicks off the first official BBQ of the summer, and something we know is that Americans love hamburgers and cheeseburgers! Funny enough, while everyone seems to love hamburgers, everyone loves to dress their hamburger in their own way!

One of our favorite examples of individualized hamburgers is the menu and secret menu at In-N-Out. Did you know you could order a 3×3, ketchup and mustard instead, whole grill and pickles? It’s true! In-N-Out lets you customize a burger just the way you like it, even if it’s not on their menu, or their not-so-secret-menu.

As you know, here at CHD Expert, we provide data to foodservice professionals. Do you know which state has the most burger restaurants in America? According to our 2012 Foodservice Operator Update, California has the largest percentage of hamburger restaurants in the US, coming in at 12.3%. Furthermore, there are a total of 50, 064 hamburger restaurants in all of the US. Want more restaurant data, fill out the form to request a call. Click here.

When we saw this great infogaphic about hamburgers that uses data to tell us about the economics behind America’s favorite food, the hamburger, we got very excited! Take a look and let us know what you think? We are still amazed by staggering ketchup statistic that 71 pounds are consumed per person each year! Yikes

So next time you fire up the grill, take a good look at how you’re assembling your burger and how you contribute to the economics of Americans favorite food.


CHD Expert Identifies K-12 Schools That Participate in Free and Reduced Lunch Programs

12 Jul

CHD Expert identifies K-12 Schools that participate in free and reduced lunch meal programs, highlighting big opportunities for foodservice professionals in education.

Leading food service data and analytics companyCHD Expert, releases new data identifying the different schools that participate in government funded National School Lunch Programs.

June 21st marked the first day of summer, and while many children look forward to their summer break, being out of school poses a challenge for millions of children who live in food insecure households.

In 1946 President Truman introduced a federal assisted meal program to provide nutritionally balanced lunches at a free or reduced cost to children while in school. Currently this program is overseen by the US Department of Agriculture and there are more than 31 million children who receive free or reduced school lunches each day (Source:Food and Nutrition Service).

With the School Nutrition Association’s 2013 Annual National Conference taking place in Kansas City later this month, CHD Expert provides the latest numbers on Free and Reduced Lunch Meal counts for the entire United States.

According to CHD Expert’s FIND database, there are 63,406 K -12 Schools that offer Free and Reduced Lunch Meals in the United States. In addition, CHD Expert also reports that there are 4,367 school districts in the United States with more than 500 students on free and reduced lunch meals. In total, CHD Expert’s Education Database contains 123,140 K-12 Schools and 13,405 School Districts across the nation. This does not include CHD Expert’s Database for Colleges and Universities.

CHD Expert also breaks down and compares different regions within the United States. In the Pacific Region1 there are 661 school districts with more than 500 students on free and reduced lunch meals. The Midwest region2 by comparison has 1,025 such school districts. (Pacific States Include: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Midwest States Include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.)

Other filters CHD Expert has available to dissect the data include: Ownership (Public, Private, and Religious); Enrollment, Number of Meals Served Per Day; Number of Schools in the District. There is also contact information available for each school and school district, which could include the titles of Principal, Superintendent, and Foodservice Directors.

“This is highly coveted information for foodservice providers who cater their products or services to schools and school districts,” stated Brad T. Bloom, Director of Sales for CHD Expert North America. “By understanding which schools obtain federal assistance, providers can better focus their sales efforts and position themselves to receive awarded bids from these schools. During times when school budgets are tight, being able to pinpoint who is getting a little extra help from the federal government can help your organization get more sales.”

To obtain more information about CHD Expert’s findings, or with general questions about education foodservice data, please contact Nicolas Watson.

4th Of July Grilling Tips As You Fire Up Your BBQ

1 Jul

Who else is excited for 4th of July festivities? What plans do you have in store? While our office isn’t going to be open, many of us are going to be throwing or attending Independence Day barbecues. From hamburgers to hot dogs, grilled corn or even pineapple, we are going to be enjoying the afternoon with friends and family, as food and outdoor grilling are part of the American culture.

In light of the upcoming holiday, we wanted to share an awesome infographic to help our readers grill the tastiest food. Enjoy- from all of us at CHD Expert.

Easy tips for grilling like a pro! (Infographic)! (Infographic)

Source by JES Restaurant Equipment

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