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CHD Expert Identifies K-12 Schools That Participate in Free and Reduced Lunch Programs

12 Jul

CHD Expert identifies K-12 Schools that participate in free and reduced lunch meal programs, highlighting big opportunities for foodservice professionals in education.

Leading food service data and analytics companyCHD Expert, releases new data identifying the different schools that participate in government funded National School Lunch Programs.

June 21st marked the first day of summer, and while many children look forward to their summer break, being out of school poses a challenge for millions of children who live in food insecure households.

In 1946 President Truman introduced a federal assisted meal program to provide nutritionally balanced lunches at a free or reduced cost to children while in school. Currently this program is overseen by the US Department of Agriculture and there are more than 31 million children who receive free or reduced school lunches each day (Source:Food and Nutrition Service).

With the School Nutrition Association’s 2013 Annual National Conference taking place in Kansas City later this month, CHD Expert provides the latest numbers on Free and Reduced Lunch Meal counts for the entire United States.

According to CHD Expert’s FIND database, there are 63,406 K -12 Schools that offer Free and Reduced Lunch Meals in the United States. In addition, CHD Expert also reports that there are 4,367 school districts in the United States with more than 500 students on free and reduced lunch meals. In total, CHD Expert’s Education Database contains 123,140 K-12 Schools and 13,405 School Districts across the nation. This does not include CHD Expert’s Database for Colleges and Universities.

CHD Expert also breaks down and compares different regions within the United States. In the Pacific Region1 there are 661 school districts with more than 500 students on free and reduced lunch meals. The Midwest region2 by comparison has 1,025 such school districts. (Pacific States Include: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Midwest States Include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.)

Other filters CHD Expert has available to dissect the data include: Ownership (Public, Private, and Religious); Enrollment, Number of Meals Served Per Day; Number of Schools in the District. There is also contact information available for each school and school district, which could include the titles of Principal, Superintendent, and Foodservice Directors.

“This is highly coveted information for foodservice providers who cater their products or services to schools and school districts,” stated Brad T. Bloom, Director of Sales for CHD Expert North America. “By understanding which schools obtain federal assistance, providers can better focus their sales efforts and position themselves to receive awarded bids from these schools. During times when school budgets are tight, being able to pinpoint who is getting a little extra help from the federal government can help your organization get more sales.”

To obtain more information about CHD Expert’s findings, or with general questions about education foodservice data, please contact Nicolas Watson.


Helping Foodservice Providers who focus on the education industry

17 Jul

This month has been full of great tradeshows and conferences all centered around foodservice in the education industry. Today, we wanted to write a short post talking about how CHD Expert has a solution framework for foodservice industry professionals (distributors, manufacturers, chain restaurants, etc.) to improve their sales and marketing efforts.

Given the ever changing landscape of the foodservice industry, providers are finding the process of using existing information sources for their targeted sales and marketing programs an increasingly difficult proposition. The good news for them however, is that this is our specialty. We collect, manage, update operator contact data for the foodservice industry. Our database is updated monthly with new openings and closings and it’s our job to keep on top of the constant turn over. This means, that foodservice companies can operate their business more efficiently because their marketing and sales efforts are getting to the right contacts. And, we have several different data segments, and one of them is specific to the education industry. We have over 141,000 operator contacts specific to the education industry. Click here to check them out.

Here is a practical example of how some of our clients use our services as it relates to helping foodservice providers in the education space. Let’s say that McDonald’s is looking to understand the current fast food landscape at colleges and universities on the east coast as they are looking to expand into more locations. Of course, they would want to make a strategic decision about where to open up another franchise, and we have the data that can help make that decision. With the help of CHD FIND (Foodservice Industry National Database) we can help businesses like McDonalds visualize foodservice venues on campus and contact foodservice directors. The benefit here is that our information is updated monthly which means that our contact information and landscapes are accurate.

If you think that you could benefit from having optimized data for your sales and marketing team, give us a call (1888 243 0154). We’d love to connect you with one of our experts who will walk you through a demo of our product offering. We’d also be happy to give you a 30-day free trial of Easy2Find. Sign up now to get started.

College Foodservice Database & the NACUFS National Conference

6 Jul

The 2012 National Association of Campus and University Food Service (NACUFS) National Conference  is just around the corner (July 11th-14th) and it looks like its going to be a great show. This year’s attendees will hear speeches from some of the industries brightest minds including: Ming TsaI, Dr. John Francis and Robert Landolphi.  One of the other noteworthy pieces of this conference is the exhibit floor. This year, there are going to be more than 360 booths where you’ll find products, services, and ideas to take back to your operations. This is a great conference for foodservice industry professionals and we’d recommend attending.

Additionally, if you are looking for more information or data around university and college foodservice, we can help.  We have the world’s largest foodservice database. Via our foodservice solution framework, we help foodservice channel members connect with the right target audience, even if it’s as specific as university foodservice operators. Through our database, we provide businesses with the ability to visualize foodservice venues on campus and contact foodservice directors. Getting this granular level of foodservice operator data is our specialty.

What does this mean? This means that we have a university and campus foodservice database with detailed operator contact information. For example, if you want to contact the director of foodservice operations at a particular university because you want to introduce your new “to-go,” box that would be perfect for on campus dining facilities, we have the contact information for these decision makers. In addition, here are some of the other details our foodservice university database can provide you with:


  • Contact Details
  • Number of Schools in the District
  • Operation Type (Managed / Self-op)
  • # Free & Reduced Lunches
  • Ownership Type (Public / Private)
  • Enrollment
  • Number of Meals per Day

Moreover, you can also segment the education database by:


  • Operation type (self-operated, aramark, sodexo…)
  • Enrollment (250 and less, 251 to 500…)
  • Number of meals per day

If you’d like to receive more information about our foodservice education database, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to give you a demo of our Database and a free 30-Day trial. Just click here to register for more info. Have a great day!

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