America’s Favorite Food And The Economics Behind The Hamburger

22 Jul

Author: Nico Watson

Memorial Day Weekend usually kicks off the first official BBQ of the summer, and something we know is that Americans love hamburgers and cheeseburgers! Funny enough, while everyone seems to love hamburgers, everyone loves to dress their hamburger in their own way!

One of our favorite examples of individualized hamburgers is the menu and secret menu at In-N-Out. Did you know you could order a 3×3, ketchup and mustard instead, whole grill and pickles? It’s true! In-N-Out lets you customize a burger just the way you like it, even if it’s not on their menu, or their not-so-secret-menu.

As you know, here at CHD Expert, we provide data to foodservice professionals. Do you know which state has the most burger restaurants in America? According to our 2012 Foodservice Operator Update, California has the largest percentage of hamburger restaurants in the US, coming in at 12.3%. Furthermore, there are a total of 50, 064 hamburger restaurants in all of the US. Want more restaurant data, fill out the form to request a call. Click here.

When we saw this great infogaphic about hamburgers that uses data to tell us about the economics behind America’s favorite food, the hamburger, we got very excited! Take a look and let us know what you think? We are still amazed by staggering ketchup statistic that 71 pounds are consumed per person each year! Yikes

So next time you fire up the grill, take a good look at how you’re assembling your burger and how you contribute to the economics of Americans favorite food.


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