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The Pizza Industry in Las Vegas: Independent Pizza Restaurants Out Number Large Chains Two to One

14 Mar

Author: Nicolas Watson

In 2012, Nevada achieved the second highest growth in number of restaurants with a 3.2% increase across the U.S, compared to a 1.3% growth nationwide, and pizza and pasta restaurants in the US continue to grow in numbers, showing 4,409 closings and 5,830 openings in 2012. With the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Expo right around the corner, leading food service data provider CHD Expert share their findings that Pizza and Pasta restaurants in Las Vegas hold the second position in most popular menu type across the city.

Chicago-based foodservice database, marketing, and analytics firm, CHD Expert reports that the number of pizza, pasta and Italian restaurants have increased by 1.4% across the nation in 2012. Pizza has become an increasingly popular menu item making up 12.7% of the restaurant industry. The city of Las Vegas hosts 360 pizzerias and make up 12.9% of total number of restaurants in the city. Only ‘varied menu type’ has a larger presence in Las Vegas, with the Pizza & Pasta menu type leading other popular menu types such as Mexican, Burgers and Sandwiches. Only 2.8% of the pizzerias in Las Vegas are full service restaurants, which is lower than the national average of 3.7 percent, whereas limited service restaurants account for 97.2 percent of the Las Vegas pizza market.

The pizza landscape in Las Vegas is as diverse as the pizza pies themselves. 59.9% of pizzerias in Las Vegas are independently owned, with each pizza brand having less than 9 total units operating nationwide. Large pizzeria chains are restaurants with over 500 total units in operation nationwide, like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominos, making up to 28.6 percent of the total pizzerias in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has more independently owned pizzerias than the nation’s average of 54%.

While new pizzerias are opening regularly in Las Vegas, CHD Expert’s findings also indicate that many pizzerias are able to sustain business and maintain operations that last years beyond the initial grand opening. 51.5% of Las Vegas pizzerias in operation have been serving up their slices for over five years. Approximately 21 percent of Las Vegas pizzerias are still aiming to surpass the ever so important two years in business milestone.

The majority of the pizza restaurants carry an average check of only $7 to $10, which drives some lower revenues for these restaurants. 56% of the pizzeria units in Las Vegas bring in less than $500,000 in sales per year. Only one pizzeria in Las Vegas grossed over 2.5 million dollars in revenue in 2012. Even with slim revenues the pizza pie has become a staple in many Americans’ diets.

“Pizza has established itself as one of the top food choices among Americans looking to dine out or order in“ stated Brad Bloom, Director of Sales for CHD Expert North America. “With the 2013 Pizza Expo quickly approaching, we wanted to evaluate the pizza industry in the host city of Las Vegas and share our findings with all of the operators, distributors and vendors who will be in attendance. I am excited to be attending the show, and look forward to networking with other foodservice colleagues, hopefully over a slice of pepperoni.”

To obtain detailed information on any foodservice market or to schedule a time to meet during the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Expo please contact Brad Bloom at bbloom@chd-expert.com.


Pizza Industry Data: What’s happening at the 2012 Pizza Expo

21 Feb

As we mentioned in an earlier post titled, “2012 Foodservice Trade Shows – Why are they valuable and which are CHD Expert attending,” we are really excited to attend the 2012 Pizza Expo in March – which is just around the corner. This year’s show is going to be full of excitement, especially to see what new restaurant industry insights we can gather regarding 2012 pizza industry data. Here is a quick list of activities that are going to be happening the 2012 Pizza Expo:

  • Learn to buy & sell pizza on the huge exhibition floor
  • Attend a pizza-making class and other types of demonstrations by top chefs
  • Learn from the best industry experts with over 75 educational sessions
  • Enter the international pizza-baking contest or feel free to just watch as part of the crowd
  • Watch the dramatic World Pizza Games® dough-spinning finals

In addition to all the action, the 2012 Pizza Expo will give foodservice operators, suppliers, distributers, and buyers the chance to come together in one place to talk about the business of Pizza. We are really excited to see what’s happening on the business side of the pizza business and to attend the seminars, workshops, power panels, and operator presentations. As reported on their website, here are some quick facts about the different sessions:

Seminars and Workshops: Among the 75-plus seminars and cooking demonstrations will be these special new sessions:

Power Panels: We’ll convene panels consisting of top operators who are on the cutting edge in their approaches to top-of-mind topics. You’ll be able to learn from the best on subjects including: finding and keeping the best pizzeria employees, building blocks for profitable menus and proven tactics for driving business with social media marketing.

Operator Presentations: We’ve gone to great lengths to bring in more pizza owners and operators to speak about how they excel in specific segments of the business. Among the operator-presenters appearing at Pizza Expo 2012 are: Peter Cooperstein of Amici’s on delivery, Glenn Cybulski of Seasons Pizzeria and Clovers Sports Bar on appetizers, Doug Ferriman of Crazy Dough’s on selling slices, Clayton Krueger of Farrelli’s on social media, George Hadjis of Oggi’s on building community partnerships—and several more.

The Pizza Expo 2012 is a great opportunity to get a better understanding on what’s happening in the pizza category. At CHD Expert, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive and accurate foodservice database – which allows us to help businesses in the foodservice industry by providing them with one of the most valuable things: data. Our data can help manufacturers, operators, restaurants, etc. successfully grow their business because our data is accurate, up to date and granular.

To learn more about how we can help, check out our website, www.CHD-Expert.com. Or, if you are going to be at the Pizza Expo too – let us know beforehand, and we can set up some time to meet face to face.

See you there!

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