The French Pizza Industry: The Shrinking Pizza

4 Mar

Author: Nicolas Watson

With the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Show just around the corner, we wanted to share some data from our office in France and their study on the French Pizza Industry.

According to a survey of 113 French Pizzerias conducted by CHD Expert in France, pizzas have shrunk in size. In their survey, CHD Expert found that an average pizza is now 31.3cm (12.322 inches)  as opposed to 32cm (12.59 inches) a year before. The consensus guesses that the economic crisis is to blame.

One of the most popular newspapers in France,  Le Figaro,  said the shrinkage represents a loss of 4.3% of surface area per pizza, assuming they are perfectly round.

This is partly balanced by the fact that bills have also slightly shrunk – by 3% on average, from €13.40 to €12.90 without drinks or in US dollars $17.44 to $16.79 without drinks. However the study did not clarify if this was because prices had dropped or people were choosing less expensive options or eating less.

The French eat more pizzas than any nationality apart from Americans – including the Italians. “Reine” and “quatre fromages” are the most popular kinds, followed by such typically-French options as Savoyarde, Merguez and Tartiflette.

The pizzeria study was done to get ready for the Paris pizza trade show Parizza in a few weeks. To see the original article posted on The Connexion, click here.

If you are looking for any counts about US Pizza Stats, please feel free to contact us at


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