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Our Foodservice Trade Show Recap: #NAFEM and FSMA Top2Top

13 Feb

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are going to be attending a ton of foodservice trade shows and conferences this year.  This year, as the Director of Sales for CHD Expert, I got to attend a few great shows. Here is a short recap with photos and videos from both the #NAFEM 2013 Trade Show as well as the FSMA Top2Top 2013 Conference.

Here are a few snapshots from the NAFEM 2013 Trade Show. Just look at the amazing entrance to the conference! We were eager to check out all of the HOT and COOL foodservice products, and as we do at most shows, we like to snap a quick photo of the entrance. We also wanted to share the magnitude of this conference so we also got a few great shows of the trade show floor so you can see how MASSIVE the show actually is. The North American Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers is one of our favorite shows of the year and we were happy to attend and be part of the foodservice action. Check out our photos:

Just a few days after the #NAFEM 2013 show wrapped, we attended (and are still at!) the Foodservice Sales And Marketing Association’s 19th Annual Top2Top Conference. We have really enjoyed the TEAM Meetings and learning about the state of the industry and how big foodservice companies are addressing these challenges. We’ve enjoyed hearing people like Pietro Satriano is Chief Merchandising Officer, of US Foods and Wendy Perrin,  Condé Nast Traveler’s Director of Consumer News and Digital Community. Here are a few more photos from the sunny California conference:

We hope that you have enjoyed a few our pictures from the events.  If you’d like to connect and talk more about either one of these trade shows, let’s set up some time to meet or have a call. Please email me, Brad Bloom, at bbloom@chd-expert.com. I am looking forward to connecting!


Foodservice Trade Shows: Our Must Attend List for 2013

10 Jan

By Nicolas Watson

Every year there are a ton of foodservice trade shows and it becomes challenging to determine which ones to attend. However, there are a few shows that we know we are going to no matter what. We haven’t completed our entire, Must Attend Trade Show List for 2013, but we’ve selected a few great shows that we’ll be attending over the next two months!

One of the first shows that’s on our list is Technomic’s Foodservice Planning Program. This conference takes place on January 15th through the 16th in Newport Beach California. Not only is CHD Expert North America in partnership with Technomic, but, we believe that Foodservice Planning is an integral part of what we do and how we provide customized foodservice solutions to our clients.

During this conference, you get to learn many things about the foodservice industry. There are great sessions like The State of the Economy and Foodservice Industry, Best Practices Workshops, and Outlooks On How To Address Trade Spending In A Challenging Environment. Overall, this is one of our favorite conferences because as foodservice industry professionals, we get to come together and learn about our industry right at the start of the new year!

Another shows we are going to attend is the NAFEM Show. Here are the reasons why we are such advocates of this show:

  • It has a wide range of foodservice equipment and supplies solutions with over 500 exhibitors.
  • It allows foodservice professions to learn about the products and meet the manufacturers.
  • This year’s show has one of our favorite special guests: Jimmy Buffet! (Come on now, we all can’t get enough of Margaritaville!)

So, we’ll be there from February 7th through the 9th in Orlando, Florida.  Are you attending? Click here to learn more about the 2013 NAFEM Show.

Another big event that we’ll be attending is the 19th Annual FSMA Top2Top Conference on February 11th through the 14th in Palm Springs, California.

This is a great conference for foodservice sales and marketing executives.  One of the main reasons why we love this show is it brings together all of the key foodservice industry players to teach everyone how to “sell better together” as the Foodservice Sales Marketing Association puts it. And we agree! We are all in the same industry together, so it’s important that we learn from one another to better one another in this growing industry.

As soon as we’ve confirmed our attendance to other trade shows or conferences, we’ll let you know. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about what shows are most important for us and why! Feel free to connect with us at any time. Or, email me, Nico Watson, at nwatson@chd-expert.com.

How CHD Expert can help you sell more foodservice equipment

8 Feb

As we mentioned in last weeks entry, we are going to be attending the The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Conference (NAFEM) later this week. With that said, this months blog posts will be dedicated to foodservice equipment manufacturer related topics.

Here at CHD Expert, one of the things we take pride in is having the most accurate and up to date global foodservice database. Foodservice equipment manufactures use our data to help their sales teams generate leads for their products or services and we have helped countless businesses increase their direct sales.

One way we help foodservice equipment manufacturers is by providing them with actual operator contacts (potential leads), to help expand their product’s reach. For example, let’s say the oven equipment manufacturer Baxter has a business goal to sell X% more product this year to new bakeries that just opened in the past six months. Well, CHD Expert can help. CHD Expert’s FIND Database has a list of quarterly restaurant openings and closings. From this list, via the Easy2FIND product, we can segment the data further to really pinpoint the most optimal leads for your sales and marketing team.

With our Easy2FIND tool, you can first segment operator data by geography. Let’s say we want to target restaurants within a 20 mile radius of downtown Chicago.  Then we can break the data down further to identify your ideal customer by using the market segment filter. We can identify: menu type, years in business, number of rooms, annual sales, number of employees, average check, the decision makers contact info and more.

This type of data can really help streamline the sales and marketing process, because you now have the information you need in order to contact the right leads. CHD Expert’s FIND database offers a wide range of data and can be considered a foodservice supplier database, foodservice manufacturing database, or an overall foodservice marketing database.

For more information about the FIND Database or Easy2FIND services, check out our website or email Brad Bloom, head of sales, at bbloom@chd-expert.com.

2012 Foodservice Trade Shows – Why are they valuable and which are CHD Expert attending?

31 Jan

The foodservice industry is very segmented – from suppliers, operators, distributers, manufacturers, etc. But one of the best ways that we can all come together is for a trade show! One of the main reasons why we like attending trade shows is because it provides a time and place for foodservice industry professionals to get together, share ideas, and do some business.

Here at CHD Expert, we are fortunate enough to work with all of the different segments of the foodservice industry because we deal with foodservice data.  We are a global foodservice database specializing in the away from home foodservice market. We offer data for all of the different foodservice segments, like commercial (FSR, QSR, Bars and Lodging, Education and Hospitality), non-commercial (prisons, community facilities, religious centers, etc.) and finally, unclassified foodservice data (convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, etc.).

We feel that trades hows allow you to talk with people. So much of business is done over the internet these days and as a result, it is important to make an effort to attend these events so that you get the chance to talk to people in your industry face-to-face. In addition, trade shows offers us the chance to not only talk to existing clients, but it also provides us with the opportunity to provide education to prospects, generate sales leads, establish a presence in the marketplace, and it allows us to personally meeting our customers, competitors and suppliers.

We are hoping to squeeze in a few more shows, but here is the list of trade shows and conferences that we’ll be attending in 2012. Check them out:

We hope to see you at one of the trade shows we’ll be attending- and if you know in advance that we’ll be at the same show, feel free to drop us a line and let us know. We can coordinate a time and place to meet. We’d love it!

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