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Sales of foodservice equipment, supplies and furnishings increased by 4.8% in Q4 2011

15 Feb

Foodservice Equipment and Suppliers

Yesterday there was some great news published by the FoodService Equipment & Supplies Magazine.  According to the latest Business Barometer released by the Manufacturers Agents’ Association for the Foodservice Industry sales of foodservice equipment, supplies and furnishings increased by 4.8% during the fourth quarter of 2011.This is great news!

The MAFSI data also reported that, sales in the US increased 5.3%, ranging from 6.6% in the south, 6% in the west, and  4.3% in both the Northeast and Midwest. Another thing that they reported is that Canadian sales are up 2.2% as well.

So, the next question we are all wondering is: If Q4 2011 did so well, what are the projections for 2012? MAFSI reps project a first quarter sales gain of 5.2% in 2012. For the year, the reps project a 6.6% increase in sales, the association’s strongest forecast in the 10-year history of the Business Barometer. One of the things that is contributing to this optimistic outlook in the rep community is the fact that 54% report an increase in quotations while only 21% are quoting less.

We are really excited about this forecast for the foodservice equipment and supply industry which was really hit hard during the economic recession. This also give us at CHD Expert the opportunity to share that for any foodservice equipment manufactures or suppliers who are looking to expand their product’s reach, we can help. We provide customizable solutions that can help foodservice organizations optimize their sales and marketing strategy with quality data. Specifically, we can help organizations who have the following challenges:

1. Data fragmentation

2. Multiple sources of data

With the assistance of the CHD Expert FIND database and FIND Sweeper, we can help organizations improve the hygiene of their data which minimizes the need for a “spray and pray” approach. The benefit here is that by improving the quality of your database, or by working with us to provide you with quality foodservice leads, we help improve organizational efficiencies because the sales and marketing team are going after quality leads and prospects as opposed to just going after any and everyone.

If you are a foodservice manufacturer and have any questions about foodservice marketing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 312-768-6900 – or send us a email at bbloom@chdexpert.com

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