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Our Foodservice Trade Show Recap: #NAFEM and FSMA Top2Top

13 Feb

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are going to be attending a ton of foodservice trade shows and conferences this year.  This year, as the Director of Sales for CHD Expert, I got to attend a few great shows. Here is a short recap with photos and videos from both the #NAFEM 2013 Trade Show as well as the FSMA Top2Top 2013 Conference.

Here are a few snapshots from the NAFEM 2013 Trade Show. Just look at the amazing entrance to the conference! We were eager to check out all of the HOT and COOL foodservice products, and as we do at most shows, we like to snap a quick photo of the entrance. We also wanted to share the magnitude of this conference so we also got a few great shows of the trade show floor so you can see how MASSIVE the show actually is. The North American Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers is one of our favorite shows of the year and we were happy to attend and be part of the foodservice action. Check out our photos:

Just a few days after the #NAFEM 2013 show wrapped, we attended (and are still at!) the Foodservice Sales And Marketing Association’s 19th Annual Top2Top Conference. We have really enjoyed the TEAM Meetings and learning about the state of the industry and how big foodservice companies are addressing these challenges. We’ve enjoyed hearing people like Pietro Satriano is Chief Merchandising Officer, of US Foods and Wendy Perrin,  Condé Nast Traveler’s Director of Consumer News and Digital Community. Here are a few more photos from the sunny California conference:

We hope that you have enjoyed a few our pictures from the events.  If you’d like to connect and talk more about either one of these trade shows, let’s set up some time to meet or have a call. Please email me, Brad Bloom, at I am looking forward to connecting!


Bars and Nightclubs: What’s happening in the beverage industry

5 Mar

March is now upon us and we are gearing up to attend this month’s 2012 Bar & Nightclub show is Las Vegas, Nevada. As we mentioned in a previous post titled, “2012 Foodservice Trade Shows – Why are they valuable and which are CHD Expert attending?” we outlined the importance of attending trade shows in the different segments of the foodservice industry. Since everyone loves a good night on the town, we are excited to get a bar and nightclub industry update and to see what are going to be the new trends for the second half of the year.

As discussed on their website, the Nightclub & Bar Show is one of the best bar, nightclub and beverage trade shows for bar and nightclub owners, operators, bartenders and other professionals in the industry. The big advantage here is that attendees walk away with the tools they need to better attend to their clients, which really helps them improve their businesses. Overall, this is a great show to attend for players in the beverage segment of the foodservice industry.

In addition, The Beer Institute just released some timely news about the value of beer, which of course will have an impact on nightclubs and bars. The Beer Institute’s new report indicates that the value of beer sales in restaurants rose by more than 9% last year, totaling about $23.6 billion in 2011. In their article, QSR Magazine reports that restaurants are having a huge impact on introducing consumers to new brands of beer, especially premium and craft styles. Now the question is, will this same trend carry over into bars and night clubs?

As we just reported in our article titled “ 2011 U.S. Restaurant Trends: ‘The Hungrier Games” the number of restaurants in the U.S. marketplace declined by 2.5% last year, which represented a net change of 16,000 less restaurants nationwide. So, when the Beer Institute released the growth numbers on the beer beverage industry, it was exciting to see this positive trend.

With all of of that said, we are excited to see what the overall theme is going to be for the 2012 Bar & Nightclub Show and what the key take aways will be. Stay tuned for an update from the beverage industry, or leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

Foodservice Equipment Manufactures: How Data Can Help Foodservice Marketing

28 Feb

This month we have dedicated our blog posts to learning more about foodservice equipment manufacturers. Today, we are going to explore why foodservice data matters and why foodservice marketing is essential to help foodservice manufacturers grow their business.

In order to grow a business, you must be able to target the right audience. Equipment manufactures have to consider a lot of variables in order to target the right audience to generate sales, and it is essential for foodservice equipment manufacturers to have an organized customer database.

However, sometimes businesses don’t have the time to update the database with all of the details from a sale or a service call – and as a result, some valuable data doesn’t get recorded in the database. When data doesn’t get recorded properly, it can be hard for the sales and marketing team to know who is the right target audience.  The problem is that if data isn’t entered as timely and accurately as possible, it can produce non-actionable data.

The CHD Expert FIND database provides business like foodservice equipment manufacturers with accurate foodservice industry data. And as previously mentioned accurate foodservice data is so important is because this is what the sales and marketing teams use to send communications to existing customers and prospects.

For example, if a foodservice manufacturing company wants to educate existing customers about a new product they are offering, but they only want to send a communication to their existing clients who have had their product for over 10 years (thus increasing the likelihood that those customers will be interested in upgrading), it is important to  have the the right data, and data segmentation, so the sales and marketing efforts can target these specific clients.

The good news is that CHD Expert can offer companies like foodservice equipment manufacturers a chance to reinvigorate their database! Here at CHD Expert , we collect, manage and analyze data from the away from home foodservice market. The FIND Database, has data on over three million operator contacts globally, which allows us to provide businesses with the exact customer segment they are looking for. Let us help your sales and marketing team today by providing them with the data they need to move the business forward. Learn more at

Sales of foodservice equipment, supplies and furnishings increased by 4.8% in Q4 2011

15 Feb

Foodservice Equipment and Suppliers

Yesterday there was some great news published by the FoodService Equipment & Supplies Magazine.  According to the latest Business Barometer released by the Manufacturers Agents’ Association for the Foodservice Industry sales of foodservice equipment, supplies and furnishings increased by 4.8% during the fourth quarter of 2011.This is great news!

The MAFSI data also reported that, sales in the US increased 5.3%, ranging from 6.6% in the south, 6% in the west, and  4.3% in both the Northeast and Midwest. Another thing that they reported is that Canadian sales are up 2.2% as well.

So, the next question we are all wondering is: If Q4 2011 did so well, what are the projections for 2012? MAFSI reps project a first quarter sales gain of 5.2% in 2012. For the year, the reps project a 6.6% increase in sales, the association’s strongest forecast in the 10-year history of the Business Barometer. One of the things that is contributing to this optimistic outlook in the rep community is the fact that 54% report an increase in quotations while only 21% are quoting less.

We are really excited about this forecast for the foodservice equipment and supply industry which was really hit hard during the economic recession. This also give us at CHD Expert the opportunity to share that for any foodservice equipment manufactures or suppliers who are looking to expand their product’s reach, we can help. We provide customizable solutions that can help foodservice organizations optimize their sales and marketing strategy with quality data. Specifically, we can help organizations who have the following challenges:

1. Data fragmentation

2. Multiple sources of data

With the assistance of the CHD Expert FIND database and FIND Sweeper, we can help organizations improve the hygiene of their data which minimizes the need for a “spray and pray” approach. The benefit here is that by improving the quality of your database, or by working with us to provide you with quality foodservice leads, we help improve organizational efficiencies because the sales and marketing team are going after quality leads and prospects as opposed to just going after any and everyone.

If you are a foodservice manufacturer and have any questions about foodservice marketing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 312-768-6900 – or send us a email at

Equipment Manufacturer Sales in the Foodservice Industry: It’s All About Timing!

10 Feb

Foodservice equipment manufacturers: lifespan & who to target?

Most professionals agree that the average lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment is around 10 years. However, life expectancy varies depending on the type of machine and the maintenance it receives. Some equipment, often electric, might fall to a 5-8 years lifespan whereas; properly maintained equipment can last much longer than 10 years. Some appliances can even last up to 25 years.

A shorter lifespan is generally expected for appliance such as ice machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers and coolers. Some bars, restaurants and other away-from-home foodservice operators prefer leasing over buying these specific products, due to their short life expectancy. Additionally, gas powered appliances are often recommended over electric powered appliances because they have a much longer life expectancy and are often thought to better fit restaurants’ needs (less time to heat up, better temperature regulation).

How to pinpoint commercial foodservice operators who need equipment replacement? For equipment companies to draw useful conclusions from the information about the lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment there is a need to look at the age of U.S. restaurants. The age of the restaurant is as important as knowing how long their equipment will last because it is unlikely that a restaurant will replace their large equipment within a year of opening.

Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers

Restaurants Years In Business

A staggering 88% of restaurants have been open for less than 10 years and almost 38% have been open for less than 5 years. Therefore, more than a third of restaurants are probably not interested in replacing their large kitchen equipment.

Since only 12% of commercial foodservice operators have been open for more than 10 years, this is the best segment of the restaurant universe for equipment manufactures to target with sales and marketing efforts. Targeting these specific operators will considerably improve response rates, decrease marketing spend and ultimately help your sales team become more productive.

According to Cathy Kearns, General Manager at CHD Expert, “More than ever before, equipment manufacturers in food service need market intelligence that allows them to be in the right place at the right time when the operator is ready to buy as well as replace their equipment.”

For more information on the foodservice industry please send an email to Brad Bloom at

How CHD Expert can help you sell more foodservice equipment

8 Feb

As we mentioned in last weeks entry, we are going to be attending the The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Conference (NAFEM) later this week. With that said, this months blog posts will be dedicated to foodservice equipment manufacturer related topics.

Here at CHD Expert, one of the things we take pride in is having the most accurate and up to date global foodservice database. Foodservice equipment manufactures use our data to help their sales teams generate leads for their products or services and we have helped countless businesses increase their direct sales.

One way we help foodservice equipment manufacturers is by providing them with actual operator contacts (potential leads), to help expand their product’s reach. For example, let’s say the oven equipment manufacturer Baxter has a business goal to sell X% more product this year to new bakeries that just opened in the past six months. Well, CHD Expert can help. CHD Expert’s FIND Database has a list of quarterly restaurant openings and closings. From this list, via the Easy2FIND product, we can segment the data further to really pinpoint the most optimal leads for your sales and marketing team.

With our Easy2FIND tool, you can first segment operator data by geography. Let’s say we want to target restaurants within a 20 mile radius of downtown Chicago.  Then we can break the data down further to identify your ideal customer by using the market segment filter. We can identify: menu type, years in business, number of rooms, annual sales, number of employees, average check, the decision makers contact info and more.

This type of data can really help streamline the sales and marketing process, because you now have the information you need in order to contact the right leads. CHD Expert’s FIND database offers a wide range of data and can be considered a foodservice supplier database, foodservice manufacturing database, or an overall foodservice marketing database.

For more information about the FIND Database or Easy2FIND services, check out our website or email Brad Bloom, head of sales, at

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