Foodservice Segmentation: How we define the different segments of the foodservice market

14 Nov

We get asked a lot about foodservice segmentation and the different segments of the foodservice market and we wanted to share a free list of foodservice segment definitions.

There are a variety of foodservice industry segments and there is a system in place to help foodservice industry professionals speak the same language. This easy to use system is called the GFC code, or the Global Foodservice Classification code.

While the idea of GFC codes may be easily digestible, a lot of times clients and prospects ask us “what does code 1310 for really mean?”

We took that question to heart and wanted to share a list of definitions and examples to help people better understand the jargon behind the GFC codes. Click To download CHD Experts Foodservice Segment Definitions  List. It includes an example and definition for each segment.

Or, if you are looking for more information or want to speak with a representative, give us a call at 312-678-6900 or email Brad at



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