Customized Foodservice Marketing Solutions

23 Oct

Here at CHD Expert, we offer foodservice industry professionals customizable foodservice marketing and sales solutions. One of the things we pride ourselves on is understanding our Client’s businesses so that we can provide the sales and marketing team with the support they need to help move their business forward.

While we have a la cart products and services, like Easy2FIND, CHD FIND, GLAD, and FINDsweeper, we also have the capability to build customized foodservice solutions that combine a variety of our offerings to fit a businesses exact need. In addition, part of what sets us apart from other database companies are our strategic partnerships with Technomic and Foodservice Rewards, which gives us access to a complete view of the marketplace.

There are many different possibilities where your foodservice company might need a customized solution.  Here are two scenarios to consider: Does your company has unique sales geographies that you need to segment? Or, do you want to understand what the foodservice marketing potential and propensity for establishments to purchase your products? If your answer is yes, than you should request a free demo of our products.

We can create a custom and secure web based query platform that will not only house your data, but with our technologies we can apply custom filters or append this type of foodservice information.

So if you are interested, give us 20 minutes of your time to show you our product. Or, if you’ll be attending the 2012 International Hotel Motel Restaurant Show (#IHRMS) on November 10th to 13th, we’ll be there too and would be happy to chat then! Otherwise, email Brad Bloom at or call at 312-768-6900.


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