Foodservice Inforgraphic from our Partners at Technomic

19 Oct

This week we wanted to share some insight and a great foodservice infographic from our partners at Technomic.  While CHD Expert focuses on the data side of things. Technomic provides foodservice market research, Through their market research, they identified that income has a direct influence on why consumers use foodservice. Click here to see the infographic.

Here are some highlights from their report:

  • Two-fifths (43 percent) of Affluent consumers compared to 27 percent of Working consumers say they prefer restaurants that offer new or innovative flavors and ingredients.
  • Takeout usage skews to lower-income consumers; 58 percent of Affluent consumers’ foodservice occasions are for dine in, compared to just 42 percent of Working consumers’ foodservice occasions.
  • Affluent consumers are still value shoppers, In fact, 41 percent of Affluent consumers versus 30 percent of Working consumers say loyalty and rewards programs can encourage them to visit specific restaurants over others.
  • Traditional health claims that relate to calorie and fat content, such as low calorie, low trans-fat and low-fat resonate most strongly with Upper-Middle income consumers. Meanwhile, health-halo terms such as ‘local,’ ‘seasonal’ and ‘premium’ are most appealing to Affluent consumers, likely because they relate to the overall quality of the item, and, often, a higher price point.

To read the full press release, click here.


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