How will the 2012 Drought Affect Food Prices Next Year?

23 Aug

Here at CHD Expert, we’ve been tweeting about it in social media, but today we found a great infographic that displays a lot of great information about the 2012 Drought and what affect it is having on the corn crops.  

Since we are in the foodservice industry,  happenings in the farming industry do affect our business from certain aspects. And over the past few months, we’ve been reading several articles about the impact the 2012 drought is going to have on food prices.

According to the CNN Article titled, “Little hope for worsening drought in U.S. Plains,”  this year’s harsh conditions suggest that food prices next year could surge by as much as 4.5%, the USDA reported. Check out the Infographic below created by Circle of Blue to get a better understanding as to why the drought will have such a negative affect on food prices.

by Circle of Blue

This infographic has a timeline of major drought-related events for the U.S. corn industry, as well as the expected weather-related consequences on the 2012 corn crop.

We hope that this has provided you with a bit more information as to why the cost of food is predicted to increase over the next year. On a total side note, this really explains why it costs between $4 to $5 for your favorite cereal too! Corn = Cereal (see the bottom of the infographic.)

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