Restaurant Data: Top Ten Highest Grossing Restaurants in the US

24 Jul

This has been a really exciting week for us here at CHD Expert.

We had a great opportunity to work with Forbes Magazine to put together an article that talks about the highest grossing restaurant in the United States. The article came out digitally last week, but is being published in this week’s (August 6th) Forbes printed magazine. The article is titled, “How Bob Chinn’s Crab House Became the Highest-Grossing Restaurant In The U.S..” If you haven’t had a change to read it, you should check it out as we have identified some surprising restaurant data.

In addition to identifying the top grossing restaurant in the US, we also wanted to share the complete list of the top ten highest grossing restaurants in the US with our readers. So, we are pleased to share the information:

(Click on image to enlarge)

So, if you are looking for other types of restaurant data, or to get more insights on the restaurant industry, contact us. Email us at or give us a call  (312) 768-6900.


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