The 2012 New York Bar and Restaurant Show Recap

29 Jun

This year’s 13th annual New York Bar and Restaurant Show at the Javits Center in New York was just as great as those in years past!

One of our favorite perks about working in the foodservice industry is getting to attend the awesome tradeshows, especially the Bar and Restaurant Show. While business is always priority number one at any trade show we attend, the Bar and Restaurant Show is always packed with tasty samples of food and drinks, and just walking the floor is worth the price of admission.

The first observation upon entry was that this year’s event had a full house! The Bar and Restaurant Show always draws a good attendance, but it seemed like every single booth was sold. So it appeared that not only were there a vast amount of attendees, but also a tone of exhibitors.

Speaking of exhibitors, the companies who were exhibiting were incredibly diverse.
Walking around the floor we noticed that all 6 major continents (Sorry Antarctica) were represented, and that this show had a global presence with representation from the entire international community.

Be it wineries from South Africa and Australia, Rum producers from Latin America, Exotic liquor brands from Europe and Asia, or startup micro brewers from the USA, the exhibitors has something for everyone.  Bar and restaurant owners could make plans to stock their bar with whatever they desire, and the options were great!

Because of this incredibly unique opportunity to sample different beverages from all around the world, we also noticed a much more diverse crowd than in years past. In addition to all of the industry professionals who attended the show primarily for business purposes, there also appeared to be a lot more “curious civilians” in attendance. There is a plethora of samples being offered from booth to booth, and it is easy for one to truly diversify their pallet.

One additional observation that we were glad to see at this years show was the way that they consolidated some of the booths and improved the logistics. They had grouped like industries, so the Brewers were close together, as were the rum distributers, and Inventory Management companies, etc. While this made more logistical sense for the attendees, it likely created a higher sense of urgency between competitors. However, having competitors battle over consumers’ attention is ultimately good for innovation and the economy, so we welcome the change.

Additionally, we at CHD Expert are still the only company who collects and manages data specifically for the away from home foodservice industry and we are proud to stand alone in this segment of the industry.


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