The Importance of Foodservice Analytics: 5 Steps To Identifying New Customers

20 Jun

In any industry, its really important to be able to generate new business. One of the best ways to generate business is by utilizing your internal customer database and up-selling existing customers with new products and services. One of the things that we always say in marketing is it’s more cost effecient to sell to existing customers as opposed to obtaining new ones. But, in order to use your database, you have to be able to understand your data to find the most viable leads.

This is where foodservice analytics comes into play and we have the perfect tool to help you identify your best customers and help you find new ones. CHD Expert’s SmartFIND, is a Business Intelligence program that helps foodservice industry professionals detect prospects with the highest propensity to buy your organization’s products and helps you to anticipate the needs of your current customers and prospects.

Here is a brief description on our analytical process on how we can provide your business with insight.

First, CHD Expert takes a copy of your customer database. We then clean it up by de-duping the data, if necessary. Then, we take your database and  match it against the CHD Expert Foodservice Industry National Database  (FIND) to create unique customer profiles. Next we identified the common variables that best describe your customers. Once we’ve created the common profile or profiles for your current customers, we then identify other Operators in the FIND Database, who are not currently customers, but are the closet “match” to your existing “most valuable customers” that we identified through the profiles.

If you have any questions about foodservice analytics or how CHD Expert can help your business, contact us. One of our sales representative would gladly walk you through a demo or answer any of your questions. To sign up now to speak with one of our representatives simply Click here


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