Restaurant Industry Statistics – Restaurant Operator Sales Forecast

15 Jun

This week we “stumbled” upon a bunch of great infographics put together by our friends at The National Restaurant Association. Using Pinterest,  the newest form of social media, the NRA has put together a dedicated board for restaurant industry statistics. Take a quick look at their board as they have some really insightful infographics about the restaurant industry. Just as a friendly reminder, an infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge.

One of the infographics we want to call out is the one titled, “Restaurant Operators Sales Outlook.” The reason why we really like this infographic is because of the powerful data used to put together the visual. We are seeing that fast food, casual dining and find-dining operators are all expecting to see a positive sales trends in the next six months.  Check out the infographic below:

Source: via Nation’s Restaurant on Pinterest

As we provide restaurant data to our Clients, we love seeing positive forecasts like this. To learn more about our foodservice database or what other products and services we offer to foodservice channel members, check out our website at or register for a 30-Day Free Demo and to speak with one of our experts now!


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