The Impact of Fast Food on America – InfoGraphic of the new (AB)Normal

29 May

Fast food portion sizes have increased since 1950s and companies like McDonalds do not want to admit that they might be part of the problem. Last week, McDonald’s Corp. voted down a proposal to assess its impact on public health, particularly childhood obesity. Do you think that fast food has contributed to the problem?

The Center for Disease Control came out with a new infographic that is jaw dropping – but not in a good way. The May 23rd Daily News article titled, “Fast food burgers have tripled in size since the 1950s: CDC graphic,” reports the latest in a recent onslaught of news highlighting out-of-control portion sizes and weight problems in America.

According to the recent CDC study, in the 1950s typical fast-food burger weighed just 3.9 ounces. Now, it’s 12 ounces, which is three times larger today then it was 50 years ago. Another great stat that the CDC discovered is that an average order of fries has grown from 2.4 ounces to 6.7 ounces. Shocking right? But, the biggest shocker of the study is centered around sodas. The study reported that today, people drink 42-ounce sodas, which is up from the comparatively skimpy 7-ounce soda pours people got at fast-food restaurants in the ’50s. Now, that data has quite an impact!

Check out the new infograpich below. And be sure to check back for more foodservice industry news updates.

CDC The New (Ab)normal


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