Foodservice Data Management Solutions: Getting The Most Out Of Your Customer Database

2 May

Is your customer database a mess? We know how difficult it can be to target the right audience with the right message at the right time. We’ve identified the four common challenges that we see foodservice professionals face when it comes to being able to effectively target the foodservice industry:

  1. The foodservice industry is fragmented (there are multiple sources in multiple formats)
  2. There is constant turn over in market (Openings and closing, and change of ownership)
  3. It’s difficult to reach the right target audience (because the industry is fragmented and there is constant turn over in the market)
  4. It’s hard to get good data (because it’s hard to reach the right target audience)

Clients turn to us to help clean up their data and their database. Through our data management services, we offer data de-duplication, data matching, data appending and more. And, to get even more insights from your data, we offer a product called, FINDsweeper. FINDsweeper can cleanse and match your current database to the CHD FIND database. This means that you can learn more about your current customers and obtain new prospects within the foodservice industry. Wouldn’t this be great for your sales and marketing team? This will allow them to target the right prospects at the right time.

To get more information about our data management offerings, check our our video, “Optimizing Data in the Foodservice Industry.” Or, if you want to set up some time with one of our experts, send us an email. Please contact Brad Bloom at


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