Database for Foodservice Suppliers

4 Apr

Like most businesses, foodservice suppliers are constantly looking for new ways to both grow their reach in their current markets and expand into new ones. Whether their goal is to promote new products or services, to find new venues to work with, or to beef up sales with current customers, foodservice suppliers need to constantly focus on how they can consistently grow their foodservice operations.

There are many traditional methods used by foodservice suppliers to promote their new products, services and operations. For example: attending restaurant trade shows, buying lists for outbound sales calls, or networking with foodservice distributors, just to name a few.  Some of these methods are tried and true, but as the economy has been struggling, a greater emphasis has been put on utilizing resources (both time and money) to maximize efficiencies throughout any marketing efforts.  And fortunately, as our industry has been advancing so have the technologies that we work with.

At CHD Expert we have created a solution that offers a more effective process that foodservice suppliers can use to increase sales within the foodservice industry. In addition to being the expert in the away from home global foodservice market, CHD Expert also offers a service around foodservice market intelligence. By collecting, analyzing, segmenting, and managing the world’s largest foodservice database, CHD Expert is able to utilize it’s information to craft market intelligence that is ideal and tailored to any individual foodservice suppliers needs. This allows foodservice suppliers the ability to accurately assess a marketplace so they can make an educated business decision based on the most relevant information. In addition to our market intelligence reporting, we can also help foodservice suppliers in their sales efforts by providing complete contact information for an operator in a particular target market or desired segment. If you are a foodservice supplier you should get in contact with us so we can provide you with a free demonstration of our products and services, and find out how we can help you grow your business.


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