2012 International Restaurant And Foodservice Show in New York

7 Mar

As you know from previous posts, we will be attending multiple foodservice tradeshows this month, and this week we had the pleasure of attending the The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show at the Javits center in New York. This is one of our favorite annual foodservice trade shows to attend, which brings together thousands of foodservice professionals from all over the world.  Additionally this years event coincided with Japan week and had a whole section dedicated to JRO an organization that promote Japanese restaurants abroad.

One of the perks of attending foodservice trade shows is of course the food and drink samples, and this show was full of tasty treats.  Also, due to the strong presence of Japanese exhibitors we were able to try a lot of uncommon Japanese products including some rare bluefin tuna that sells for over $100 a pound!

Another segment that stood out this year was the fruit juicers. It is apparent that as a society we are seeing the value of drinking fresh juices instead of sugary sodas and juicers are working diligently to increase their market share in the beverage industry.

In addition to food and drinks manufactures and distributors, there are also a lot of companies showcasing their new foodservice equipment and technology.  We noticed that the gourmet food truck trend has continued to go grow since last year, and there were several companies offering both custom builds and franchising rights.  Also the eco-friendly products industry is growing stronger with multiple merchants offering biodegradable alternatives to Styrofoam, with products made of wood or bamboo. And finally we also want to call out a great product we saw that is taking food safety to a new level.  One company is pioneering a technology that uses RFID tags to monitor employees washing their hands and alerts the employee and management if someone “forgets”.  This is something that many restaurant goers will gladly embrace and we were glad to see a long line at their booth.

As for us, we of course had a lot of meaningful conversations with many of our foodservice colleagues as people are always interested in hearing about how our database can help increase their sales efficiencies. We have a lot of following up to do before we hit the road again for the other foodservice trade shows we are attending this month.  If we missed you at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show and you want to chat please leave us a comment on this post, or call us directly at 1-888-243-0154


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