Foodservice Equipment Manufactures: How Data Can Help Foodservice Marketing

28 Feb

This month we have dedicated our blog posts to learning more about foodservice equipment manufacturers. Today, we are going to explore why foodservice data matters and why foodservice marketing is essential to help foodservice manufacturers grow their business.

In order to grow a business, you must be able to target the right audience. Equipment manufactures have to consider a lot of variables in order to target the right audience to generate sales, and it is essential for foodservice equipment manufacturers to have an organized customer database.

However, sometimes businesses don’t have the time to update the database with all of the details from a sale or a service call – and as a result, some valuable data doesn’t get recorded in the database. When data doesn’t get recorded properly, it can be hard for the sales and marketing team to know who is the right target audience.  The problem is that if data isn’t entered as timely and accurately as possible, it can produce non-actionable data.

The CHD Expert FIND database provides business like foodservice equipment manufacturers with accurate foodservice industry data. And as previously mentioned accurate foodservice data is so important is because this is what the sales and marketing teams use to send communications to existing customers and prospects.

For example, if a foodservice manufacturing company wants to educate existing customers about a new product they are offering, but they only want to send a communication to their existing clients who have had their product for over 10 years (thus increasing the likelihood that those customers will be interested in upgrading), it is important to  have the the right data, and data segmentation, so the sales and marketing efforts can target these specific clients.

The good news is that CHD Expert can offer companies like foodservice equipment manufacturers a chance to reinvigorate their database! Here at CHD Expert , we collect, manage and analyze data from the away from home foodservice market. The FIND Database, has data on over three million operator contacts globally, which allows us to provide businesses with the exact customer segment they are looking for. Let us help your sales and marketing team today by providing them with the data they need to move the business forward. Learn more at


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